Jeremy Stephens

As a music producer/recording engineer, I’ve had the privilege to work with the best musicians in the world…Derek Trucks, Alabama Shakes, Jason Isbell, Lamont Landers, Gregg Allman, Chuck Leavell, many others. I’m proud to have learned the art of producing/recording the best way one can, under legendary platinum rock producer Johnny Sandlin (The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Capricorn Records). With this “real world” experience, I took the leap and started Clearwave Recording Studio to provide a home for my own music productions. My style has been described as “organic”, “earthy”, and “musical”. I simply want to capture the best performances of great songs and give musicians the space to develop, grow, create and be successful. In 2016, I joined 10 Ton Records as a producer to develop new talent, export it to the world and to lead through new opportunities in the modern economics of the music industry. Thanks for visiting, look around, feel free to contact us at

The Studio

Clearwave Recording Studio was designed FOR MUSICIANS. We specialize in authentic american music, handmade by humans. Our boutique studio has large recording spaces and an accurate monitoring system that sets the stage to capture the energy of a live performance or one instrument at a time. We make it easy for musicians to be musicians in their own habitat without technology getting in the way of a great performance.

The Technology

We are an analog recording studio. Our analog tape machines have been refurbished to better than original specifications. Our console has modern analog automation and total mix recall. Our outboard gear has big knobs and tubes.

We are a digital recording studio. We would be nuts not to employ the fantastic advances in digital audio technology. Editing is a breeze, virtual instruments are fantastic creative tools and connecting with other studios across the globe is easy. Find out more about our gear here.

We ARE NOT focused on making an “analog record” or “digital record”. The focus of Clearwave Recording Studio is to make a SUCCESSFUL product for our clients.

The Goal

The goal here is to make hit records and win Grammys. Not every project is going to achieve that, but I want my clients to be successful. I want their experience with me to be an important stepping stone in a successful long term career.  I think I have a good track record for that.

Clearwave Recording Studio is simply a home base for my production projects, it’s a cost effective place for me to work. I often work at other studios if that’s where the music is. After all, people make records, not buildings or equipment …but musicians feel at home here.