Welcome to 2018!

It’s 2018 and music is everywhere! There are thousands of television channels all over the world loaded with NEW original music. The movie industry is still churning out blockbusters loaded with NEW original music. The gaming industry is more elaborate than ever and guess what? New releases are teaming with NEW original music. Ad agency’s are constantly looking for NEW original music for selling everything from craft beer to tampons. It’s 2018, you can finish your record and have worldwide distribution instantly, it’s cheap and YOU OWN IT.
If you have fantastic songs and fantastic musicians, you’ll be fine. You just need a fantastic product that people want to hear and a way to sell it. It’s not easy, you have to better, smarter and work harder than everyone else. That’s where we come in…
At Clearwave Recording Studio, our philosophy is; in order for us to be successful, our clients must be successful. We understand our clients need for a pro sounding, commercially viable product in order to compete in 2018.

The Studio

Clearwave Recording Studio was designed FOR MUSICIANS. We specialize in authentic american music, handmade by humans. Our boutique studio has large recording spaces and an accurate monitoring system that sets the stage to capture the energy of a live performance or one instrument at a time. We make it easy for musicians to be musicians in their own habitat without technology getting in the way of a great performance.

The Technology

We are an analog recording studio. Our analog tape machines have been refurbished to better than original specifications. Our console has modern analog automation and total mix recall. Our outboard gear has big knobs and tubes.
We are a digital recording studio. We would be nuts not to employ the fantastic advances in digital audio technology. Editing is a breeze, virtual instruments are fantastic creative tools and connecting with other studios across the globe is easy. Find out more about our gear here.
We ARE NOT focused on making an “analog record” or “digital record”. The focus of Clearwave Recording Studio is to make a SUCCESSFUL product for our clients.

The Staff

We believe people make music, buildings and equipment don’t. Clearwave Recording Studio is from the inspiration of Jeremy Stephens. Jeremy has 20+ years making records for a living and has worked on thousands of recordings. He is dedicated to keeping up with industry trends and improving them sonically and economically. Jeremy is passionate about quality and will work closely with musicians, record labels to make each project run smoothly, finish on time and under budget. Clients keep returning to Clearwave for our experienced staff, quality gear, great rates, cool vibe and most importantly- the sound.